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AAC Congress Durum

One of Canterra’s finest. AAC Congress is a high yielding durum variety with superior end-use quality. Consistent across variable conditions. Higher yield than current commercial varieties, has low DON accumulation, low semolina ash and grain cadmium content. It has high pigment concentration and is an awned durum that grows well in all areas of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

  • Maturity: Mid
  • Height: Medium
  • Lodging: Good
  • FHB Resistance: Moderately susceptible
  • Stripe Rust resistance: Resistant
  • Leaf Rust Resistance: Moderately resistant
  • Stem Rust Resistance: Resistant


AAC Brandon is an awned, semi dwarf hard red spring wheat. AAC Brandon is well adapted across Western Canada. It has good strong straw, FHB resistance, good falling numbers and grain protein.

  • Maturity: 107 days
  • Height: 80 CM
  • Lodging: Good
  • FHB resistance: Moderately resistant
  • Stripe Rust resistance: Moderately Resistant
  • Leaf Rust Resistance: Resistant
  • Stem Rust Resistance: Moderately resistant


AAC Redberry is a very early maturing, good standing, high protein CWRS and rated good for sprouting and great disease resistance package! Has shown very high yields across all prairie production zones from the heat driven south right up through the parkland regions.

  • Maturity: early
  • Height: 80 CM
  • Lodging: Good
  • FHB resistance: intermidiate
  • Stripe Rust resistance: Resistant
  • Leaf Rust Resistance: Resistant
  • Stem Rust Resistance: resistant

AAC Leroy VB Hard Red Spring Wheat *Midge Tolerant

AAC LeRoy VB is a NEW Midge Tolerant CWRS that makes a significant step forward for yield potential in CWRS. With an MR for FHB and improved lodging resistance, AAC LeRoy VB will be an exciting variety for Western Canadian wheat growers.


  • Maturity: Mid
  • Height: 89 CM
  • Lodging: Fair
  • FHB resistance: MR
  • Sprouting: Good
  • Stem Rust: MR
  • Leaf Rust: MR
  • Stripe Rust: MR
  • Awned: Yes


CDC Austenson is a Secan 2-row feed barley with top grain yield, straw strength, test weight and kernel size and plumpness. CDC Austenon is particularly well suited to producers seeking a top yielding 2-row feed barley with improved performance and is well adapted across Western Canada.

  • Maturity: 90 days
  • Height: 83 CM
  • Lodging: Good
  • FHB resistance: intermediate
  • Loose Smut: Susceptible
  • Other smuts: Resistant
  • Stem Rust Resistance: intermediate


CDC Copeland is a Secan 2-row malting barley with high yields and good straw strength. Combines excellent brewing characteristics with lower protein and enzyme levels. CDC Copeland is well adapted to growing areas of western Canada producing lower beta-glucan, higher test weight and plump kernels. CDC Copeland has good established market demand.

  • Maturity: 88.5 days
  • Height: 87 CM
  • Lodging: Good
  • FHB resistance: intermediate
  • Loose Smut: poor
  • Other smuts:Fair
  • Stem Rust Resistance: good


AAC Connect is a 2-row malting barley with great yield potential. It features excellent malt quality attributes with high malt extract and friability, lower wort viscosity and beta glucan content. It has one of the best FHB resistance in its class with short, strong straw. Its has heavier and plumper kernels and it is included on the CMBTC recommended variety list.

  • Maturity: MID
  • Height: Short
  • Lodging: Good
  • FHB resistance: Moderately resistant
  • Loose Smut: Susceptible
  • Stem Rust Resistance: Moderately resistant
  • Other Smuts: Resistant


CDC Impulse is a CLEARFIELD* small red lentil that is well adapted to the brown and dark brown soil zones. CDC Impulse is  high yielding and large in diameter.  It has a high seed test weight and is acceptable for special segments of the dehulled red lentil cotyledon markets.

  • Shows a 108% Check against Maxim
  • Rated good resistance to ascochyta and anthracnose
  • 52 days to flower
  • 37 CM in height
  • Early to Mid Maturity
  • Highest seed weight with 44 G/1000


CDC Greenstar is the newest Conventional yellow cotyledon large green lentil variety that has high yield potential and larger seed size. Produces good color retention and better standability.

  • Conventional Variety
  • 97% yield check to Maxim
  • 52 Days to Flower
  • 40 CM in height
  • Medium to late maturity
  • Rated good to Ascochyta Blight
  • Seed test weight : 73 G/1000


CDC Lima is a high yielding yellow cotyledon large green Clearfield* lentil variety. CDC Lima has a larger seed which is also thicker making CDC Lima more suitable for lentil dehulling.  It also boasts improved lodging, disease resistance, and color retention.

  • Potential 10% higher yield rating than CDC Impower
  • Height : 35 CM
  • Days to Flower: 51
  • Medium to late maturity
  • Rated good to ascochyta Blight
  • Seed test weight: 74G/1000

CDC Forest Green Peas

CDC Forest is a very high yielding, green cotyledon, semi-leafless field pea with good lodging tolerance. With improved mycosphaerella blight resistance and powdery mildew resistance, CDC Forest is rated good for bleaching.

  • Maturity: Mid
  • Seed size: Medium
  • Height: 85 CM
  • Lodging Resistance: Good
  • FHB Resistance: Fair
  • Seed Coat Breakage: Good
  • Seed Coat Dimpling: Good
  • Greeness: Good


CDC Orion is a high yielding, large calibre producing predominantly (9mm-10mm) variety. CDC Orion flowers early and matures one week earlier than CDC Frontier on average.  It produces a light cream color with typical ram-head kabuli seed shape. CDC Orion is well adapted to all current chickpea growing regions of brown and dark brown soil zones of Southern Saskatchewan and South Eastern Alberta.

  • High yielding cultivar
  • Large seed size
  • Moderately resistant to fusarium blight
  • Early maturity

CS Camden Oats

CS Camden Oats are a very high yielding oat with excellent lodging resistance due to its shorter stature.  It is grower and miller approved with high yields and improved quality. CS Camden Oats produces high leaf Biomass, produces plump, less thins and higher Beta glucan and is an approved milling variety.

  • Maturity: Mid
  • Height: Short
  • Growing Zone: All oats growing areas: AB, SK, MB
  • Lodging Resistance: Very Good
  • Stem Rust Resistance: S
  • Smut Resistance: I

CDC DEFY DURUM *new for 2022

CDC Defy durum is well adapted for all durum production areas in the prairies. CDC Defy has conventional height, high grain yield which is highest in the sask seed guide, acceptable time for maturity, good test weight and grain protein concentration. CDC Defy has a good disease package which it is resistant to prevalent races of leaf and stem rust and has excellent common bunt resistance. CDC Defy is also rated a MS* for FHB

  • Height: 92 CM
  • Maturity: 102 days
  • Stem rust: moderate resistance
  • Leaf rust: Resistant
  • Stipe rust: Intermediate
  • Bunt: Resistant
  • FHB: moderately Susceptible STAR*
  • Awned : Yes
  • Lodging = Good


AAC Stronghold is a new Secan Solid Stem durum with good Sawfly resistance. Provides high grain yield, test weight, good gluten strength and High Pasta yellowness/Pigmentation and low cadmium. AAC Stronghold has improved leaf spot resistance with a good overall disease package. AAC Stronghold also has good rating to sprouting.

  • Height: 87.4 CM
  • Maturity: 103 days
  • Stem rust: resistant
  • Leaf rust: Resistant
  • Stipe rust: Moderately resistant
  • Bunt: Intermediate
  • FHB: moderately Susceptible
  • Awned : Yes
  • Lodging = Very Good


AAC Carver is a Canterra seeds Yellow pea. It is the Perfect Package. It is suited every area and situation! Provides high yields, early maturity, and Large seed size. AAC Carver are Very good for Lodging.

  • Height: 85 CM
  • Maturity: Early
  • Lodging: Very Good
  • Greeness: Good
  • Seed Weight : 240 g/1000
Carver Yellow Peas

AAC STARBUCK VB Hard Red Spring Wheat

AAC Starbuck is a semi Dwarf CWRS with excellent grain yield, high protein and good straw strength. AAC Starbuck has lower FHB and Don accumulation as its rated moderately resistant to FHB, plus its tolerant to orange wheat blossom midge. AAC Starbuck is very well adapted for all western Canadian Prairie growing areas.

  • Height: 85 CM
  • Maturity: 100.8 days
  • Stem rust: Intermediate
  • Leaf rust: Moderately Resistant
  • Stipe rust: Moderately resistant
  • Leaf Spot: Susceptible
  • Bunt: Susceptible
  • FHB: moderately Resistant
  • Sprouting: fair
  • Lodging = fair

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